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South Upper 6yo Gelding 16hh+

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Reduced to 1200!!!!!!!! Such a nice horse and a total steal

Florence KY



Standing a little above 16hh this guy is such a fun and sporty package.... though he APPEARS mischievous in his video, he really is a pretty laid back horse. It was 20 degrees, the horses in the pens were playing, and we ended up running into a lot of traffic on the road while trying tonget his pics/video done making him a little anxious. He is a sweet and in your pocket fella that LOVES attention. Love his stocky build and I think he is a horse that is built to last. He is easy to be aroind, typically easy to handle, and he has good manners... no doubt he would LOVE to get some turn out and kick up his heels a few times though. Video was cut short bc above all horse/handler safety is most important. He was wanting to play and was slipping on the blacktop.

Pics and video

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