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Sierra Gentleman 5yo Gelding 16'2hh $1800

Cincinnati OH

This guy is a little bit of a different situation. He has been sitting with his owner since the end of 2017 bc the owner was in a situation where they weren't able to afford to pay for a trainer. He was brought in on a deal with a trainer to see if they could possibly make a little money and he has shown no potential. He is barefoot and has been going to the track barefoot... that being said I dont know if he will/will not be okay barefoot the rest of his career or if he will need shoes.. right now he seems comfortable. I dont know a ton about him minus the back story that I have given, that fact he had a consecutive race record up to that point, and what I know from him being at Belterra now. He is a huge guy, both tall and stocky (and I mean STOCKY) he is sweet, laid back, great manners, and easy under saddle. Moves cute and there is plenty to work with to make him really fancy in a second discipline. He has no vices!

There is a scar on his back leg, shortly after he came in for training he got cast in his stall. No serious injury but it will leave a scar ok the front of the leg.

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