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Run Rudy Run 3yo Gelding 16hh

Burlington KY


*provide zip code for shipping quote*

Rudy is the class clown of the barn. Huge personality and will always make you laugh. If he isnt getting attention he will find something to keep himself occupied whether it be toys of finding a way to be an escape artist. Loves the company of other horses but is not buddy sour. Rudy was born with the ligament in his stifle a little longer than normal.... It has NO effect on his performance and NO you cannot see it. If left in a stall for long periods with no room to move around you will notice a little tightness behind until he warms up. He was in a stall for 2 full days before video, so as you can see it is not something that is a "flaw" .. Its just the way he is. Would be best in a situation where you can provide plenty of turnout (he loves being outside anyway)

Curious fella, big personality, loving, kind and gently. He is a TANK. Priced as is without any post track rides, will start putting rides on him after I get back from vacation and price will increase.

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