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Royalty 2010 Mare 15'1hh

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Burlington KY


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There is so much good to see about Royalty... first off she has been well loved as a broodmare by her people. It shows, as she is an absolute doll on the ground with the best manners and would not hurt a fly.

She turns out with basically anyone, no issue, and she is so clean in her stall.

Barefoot, eats great, and is equally content both inside and outside.

She is compact and athletic but I would not consider her overly fine boned.

She hasn't had a saddle since 2014... there are some mares that go 10 years without a saddle and the first ride they act like they've been a school horse their whole life and there are some that need a refresher course. We see them both all the time. Royalty is definitely one that needs a refresher course. The first time we got on her she was tense, froze up, was a bit unsure what to do, and honestly pushing her would have just resulted in a negative experience. We decided to go back to the basics, she's learned to lunge and respond to ques on the lunge, and to be honest she was a quick and willing learner. We have got back on her since (video) but only to give her a good, easy, stress free hand walk.. which you can see she was very responsive and had zero tension in the video. We have not done anything besides ask her to walk as we want every experience to be positive.

This is a sweet mare, very sweet and very kind... but she is going to be a project. Hopefully in the right hands a very fun project when all the pieces come together. She will not tolerate an aggressive hand, someone that is overly pushy and forceful to get things done.. honestly she doesn't even want to be yelled at. She is VERY willing if you're willing to work with her in a calm and kind manner and I think all the pieces will come together very quickly for the right person!!

Full disclose: she does crib. She does wear a collar.

she did abort her last 2 foals so I do not see her having the best potential as a continued broodmare**

I accidentally erased her photos so as of now I only have the one.

Please email or message me on social media.

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