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Rhythm Park 8yo Gelding 16'1/16'2hh

Updated: Apr 13, 2020




I love.. and i mean absolutely LOVE this horse! Some of you see a plain bay wraooer but i can assure you there is nothing "plain" about this horse. He is stunning, well out together, stocky, and has great muscle and weight in all the right places. His personality is just to die for. He is a curious little booger, always interest in what youre messing with, what you have in yoir hand, where youre going, and what youre doing... that being said, he is easoly one of the easiest horses in the barn to work around and has wonderful manners and is so respectful. Rhythm made over 300k on the track and retired sound. He was a successful racehorse and he WILL have a auccessful second career if he is set up for success. There are not many horses I get all warm and fuzzy about but this guy gives me butterflies in my stomach and I cant wait to see what comes next for him. He just recently got pulled out of training... with everything going on decisions have to be made for financial purposes and Rhythm has served his time.. being older for a racehorse the rsces get harder for him. He has had impeccable care and deserves an amazing place to call home!

Pics and video

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Theresa Hansen
Apr 07, 2020

Interested. 97141


Isabella Pennell
Isabella Pennell
Mar 30, 2020

I am interested!!!!!!

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