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Repair the World 6yo Gelding 16hh

Cincinnati OH

*provide zip code for shipping quote*

Asking for help! This guy needs down time, no he hasnt had a vet work up and is not going to have one. He is sore and from my flexions is sore in the ankle. Ankle had moderate heat and could use a sweat and still rest. I DO NOT think it is a fractured sesamoid, I think it will resolve itself for a lower level career with 30 days stall rest and a few months turnout. This guy is so sweet and he is gorgeous. He deserves his chance. Connections were not willing to gove him away and said they have a deal with the Amish in exchange for breaking babies. If he goes that route his future is pretty grim. Ive offered to personally pay for him but I have no where to keep him, im maxed out and cannot even keep him for a day. I need you find him a home and will pay out the connections, all you need to do is pay for shipping!

I cannot answer and past history, im not going to lie to find him a home. With the 1000s of rehabs I have done I DO think he will be okay with time and Im just trying to give him a chance

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