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Reese 2018 Mare 15'3hh

Burlington KY


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Reese has been a joy to have in our barn the past few months. She made the long haul from South Florida where she's enjoyed some well deserved down time and has been nothing but a model/solid citizen. Gets along with mares and geldings, good manners, she doesn't have a mean or nasty bone in her body. ZERO attitude or marish qualities about her, she is very loving, affectionate, and quiet.

No Vices or behavioral issues.

While she's been given down time we pulled her shoes and left her barefoot.. she is still barefoot and has handled it well and has been comfortable. She has not been restarted so I cannot say if she will or will not be comfortable barefoot when back in work but her feet are good.. solid.. and healthy!

I have absolutely NO reason to believe she wouldn't be an amateurs dream restart.

She is has a very thick build and is naturally an easy keeper.

*NO other pics or video*

Please message me by social media or email DO not message the website.

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