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Raulito 2018 HORSE 16hh

Eubank KY


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I rehomed this guy recently and to no fault of his own he just isn't a fit for his new connections... he is more horse than they were anticipating with being a younger intact horse transitioning off track.

The plus side ** he has had a little down time off the track and is more than ready to move on to full work. He has gained a ton of weight and no longer looks race fit also. He has definitely been receiving great care!

His owner, trainer, groom, gallop rider, and etc had NO issues with him at the track.. I asked and asked again to confirm this. I am not sure if he saw an opportunity off track but his current owner does say she finds him hard to lead at times and that he bounces around his stall and screams at feed time.

She said he stood well for the farrier for a trim but would not stand well for shoes... he has been shod regularly on the track every 4-5 weeks for years so I again cannot say where this came from.

My experience with this horse is that he is stunning, kind, well behaved and that he had impeccable care at the track. I think he is really cool and would make one heck of a sport horse!

He retired sound with NO injuries and he has NO vices.

The photos and video at the top of the page are at his CURRENT HOME.. the photos and video below are from the track.

I think it is in his best interest he is with someone that has experience with horses coming directly off track and understands behavior of intact males, no matter how kind they may be.

NO other pics or video

Please message me through social media or email DO NOT message the website.

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