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  • apaulus1987

Racy Embrace 6yo Mare 16hh




Racy is gorgeous and she is so sweet/kind/well mannered. She is a stunning mover with a ton of athletic ability and has a great mind. This mare walked right off the trailer today at my farm and stood for the farrier without ever moving or looking around in a new place.. considering i have free roaming pigs, goat, sheep, and even a small mini thag was harassing her she still never flinched or moved a muscle.. in my opinion, that is impressive! Personal owner/trainer conflict has her looking for a new home and I have provided a TEMPORARY solution bc she needed to be moved. I am over maximum capacity but bc i know the mare i felt that i needed to help out and make sure she had a good future. She has no bad habits and is not the slightest bit marish!

She has a small, old and cold set osselet.. clearly doesnt get in her way and to my knowledge has never affected her performance.

Priced to sell!

Pics and video

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