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Pro 5yo Gelding 16/16'1hh

Updated: Feb 9

Burlington KY


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Has been with us for several months and has not done anything underaaddle. This guy needed to simply learn how to unwind, relax, and just enjoy being a horse. Has had ample turnout and gets along with all horses he has been paired with (both mare and gelding)

He is going barefoot and has been beru comfortable with no bruising or abscessing.. i cannot say if that would transfer over to fill work also.

He has really come into his own and is a sweet horse... a bit quirky with a big perosnality but genuinely wants to please. He was babied at one point and was allowed to be pushy, invasive,so what he wanted.. that has been fixed. He has learned to respect his handlers and their space. He was HARD to load in my trailer bc it wasnt what he was familiar with (4horse slant with a ramp) I cant say he is fully over this and i also cant say he won't need work loading in a new trailer, I oust want anyone to be aware of this.

Has an old bow (few years and rehabbed and came back to race on it)

RRP Eligible, will probably work best with someone very hands on that has time to dedicate to him, he is a horse that really wants a lot of attention and likes someone to be hands on.

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