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Princess Brooke 6yo Filly 16/16'1hh

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Reduced to 2000!!!!!





Brooke is a little bit spicy and a little bit sassy.. just enough to make her a chestnut mare (joke)

To be honest she is very well behaved... even with the little spice shes always easy to handle and work around. Never spooky, never dangerous. She comes from a program with a lot of horses in training and is use to swapping out between the track and farm bc they are constantly alternating horses to bring in the train and race. That being said when she is home she gets all the benefits of farm life and should adjust very easily with someone at their farm.

No vices and no soundness issues she simply is no longer paying her way to continue life as a racehorse.

She is a BIG girl (not the tallest) but she sure is incredibly stocky! Had a unique stocking on her front leg making her different and plenty of chrome where she stands out, if thats what you like.

Very athletic, would probably do best in a program where shes ridden regularly not a few times a month.

Confident amateur friendly!

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