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Pedro 2020 Intact male 16'1hh+

Burlington KY


provide zip code for shipping quote

Let me just start out by saying I adore this horse. He is beautiful, kind, and has the absolute best disposition. Built like a tank and easily can take up the leg of most 16'2+ horses. Beautiful movement, great suspension, and a great natural toplime with a powerful hidden.

I wish I could bring this horse along myself, but with my busy schedule it just isn't something I can add to my plate.

I would love to see him go to someone that want to take their time producing him and allow him to transform into his full potential.

He is intact, he does appear to have both testicle dropped.

This horse is QUIET, you'd never know he is intact in his stall or when handling, however, he is fully aware he is intact if you put his nose to nose with a mare.

NO vices, retiring sound.. he just cannot compete at the level they were hoping he would.

RRP eligible both this year and next!

NO other pics or video.

Email or message on social media.

*no calls

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