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Overlimit 5yo Gelding 16'1hh 




Overlimit is a prime example of why I do what I do. He came in with a HUGE KNEE. It was hot, he couldnt put weight on it and it was scary. He had a bad injection that caused an allergic reaction and started attacking the joint. We had to move quickly and with the help of a wonderful non-profit backing us he spent a week at Rood and Riddle getting his knee flushed over and over to clean out the joint. This horse is a fighter and he has made an amazing recovery. Did he lose a little flexion in the knee, yes. Does it affect him, no. He moves beautifully and wants to please. He is an easy ride with a soft supple mouth and will do absolutely ANYTHING you ask of him. His knee looks "next to normal" it is slightly larger, but we are okay with that bc it's also 5x smaller than it was and it's a reminder that this horse made it. He fought, he was a flawless patient through it all, and he has a long healthy life ahead of him and he is looking for a job!

Overlimit enjoys his turnout and loves his pasture mates. He has no vices and he has no behavioral issues. First ride he stood still as a statue at the mounting block .. worked w/t/c and got his correct leads and he came back and transitioned smoothly through the whole ride.

Because of his past I would like to find him a home with mainly flat work. I dont think occasional jumping and playing around will bother him but I also do not think a competitive jumping career is in his future. He would be a great dressage horse, an easy going trail horse.. with about 30 days HE WOULD BE WORTH HIS WEIGHT IN GOLD AS A LESSON HORSE and bc of his kind nature and great manners he would be great around kiddos.

We were able to give Overlimit a second chance at life and now he is ready to start living it!






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