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Over Tell 3yo Gelding 15'3hh

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Burlington KY


*provide zip code for shipping quote*

Over Tell has been an absolute joy to have in the barn. He came in in August, had a week off after his last race and has been in consistent work since. Loves having a job, loves to be challenged, and is matured well beyond his years! Polite, sweet, sensible.. this horse LOVES to jump... sometimes its hard to remember he is only 3 amd we need to stick with the baby stuff while he is developing bc he truly will jump the moon. Tons of potential on the flat! Gets along well with other horses but equally turns out alone just fine. Absolutely no vices, no soundness issues and no behavioral issues. He did bleed his last race which is why he was pulled up (see the chart if youd like to question it) I cant say why he bled.. it happens. Most horses bleed on the track at some point in their life and something as simple as a 100° August day and too much Alfalfa could have been the cause.

This horse has the potential to move up the levels and be something incredible if the right person takes their time and brings him along correctly.

Slightly negotiable for quick sale to the perfect home.

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1 Comment

Windy Ingbretson
Windy Ingbretson
Dec 31, 2021

Amy is a hero. Way too many owners get rid of their horses as soon as they are finished with them not caring what end they come too. She did everything she could for Simon like I'm sure Simon did for her. Horses give you their all and heart the least people could do is take care of them the way they take care of you. There is a very important message you could learn here from Amy!

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