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Out of the Blue 4yo Gelding 16'2hh



I will be adding more pics and videos buy I have noy been able to make it back to the track!!

I have spent A LOT of time talking to Blues vet to get the berry most accurate information I can. Blue got a puncture on the hind fetlock and it infected the joint. It was a TINY area and he was started on antibiotics first as nothing serious then later when the swelling did not subside they looked into it further. His joint did get infected but with yhe change of treatment Plan he respeonded really well. Unfortunately this is something that needs to be caught within a few hours and flushed to be able toake a full comeback so blue will never come back to race or have any kind of aggressive career. His supervising vet is VERY happy with how he is healing at this point and where his soundness is at, as it continues to improve. What Bkue can offer is ... He is one of the sweetest, kind and most well behaved horses in the barn. He would be a great family horse, a horse you can take your kids around and feel safe and a horse that will really bond with you. He should be able to go om as a trail horse, but again will not hold up to higher demand work. The vet says the joimt should fuse on its own as a more "permanent fix" .. He is very comfortable and had tons of quality of life.

Great current references (including a current vet) mandatory.. No exceptions!

For serious homes I can forward you the vet information. Please do not waste my time or yours if you are not seriously considering giving him a home.

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