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Our Girl Ellie 2yo Filly 15'2hh

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Cincinnati OH

** FREE TO GOOD HOME!!!!!!! **


Ellie is a gorgeous 2yo Filly that is build VERY well. She is on the smaller side but has great conformation, is compact, and very stocky. Sweet as they come and such a good brain for a young girl. She recently chips off the top portion of her sesamoid and needs to rehab. There are several options available for this rehab but the best option being surgery to remove the chip and a 3 month rehab from there. With this surgery she should be able to go on to any career with NO limitations. I cannot speak for every area of the country but surgery is approx 1000-1200.

There is also the option to leave it and allow it to calcify and give her time off to grow. Options should be discussed with your vet.

Vet reference will be required!

She is sound. Even on stall rest she is incredibly sweet, willing, and respectful. She acts way beyond her years and after getting over this bump she is going to have a long and bright future!

Xrays will be available.

More pictures available!


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