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Osage 6yo Gelding 16'2hh

Burlington KY


*provide zip code for Shipping quote*

Osage last race approximately a month ago. Settled into farm life quick and easy without a care in the world on day one and hasaintained that disposition since. Not a spooky horse, there has been nothing I have personally seen him react to. Lovely kind disposition, love attention, has good manners. He is easy to work around and loves the attention that comes with being groomed and having a job. Very easy ride but could probably get strong with someone uneducated (just my opinion) Rides in the arena and will hack out alone on trails. Doesnt care about my animals that run around (pigs, goat, sheep) and will ride with dogs, never offering to kick.. he honestly doesnt even recognize they are there (even though you could only see one in the video there were 3)

No vices, no soundness issues, no behavioral issues. Bending well... soft and supple at thr trot. Canter is there, but still working on balance and bend. Has NOT started jumping at this time but has trotted rails with absolutely no care in the world do if have no doubt he will continue that mindset moving forward.

Total package. His price WILL INCREASE as we continue to do more with him. So much talent with this guy and he has the perfeft brain to be able to do anything.

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