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Nobodydancessober 5yo Gelding 16'3hh 

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Reduced to 1800!!!!

Cincinnati OH

This .. guy.. is.. huge! He is huge both tall and wide. Really good boy who is laid back, in your pocket, and loves attention. Classy look, good movement, good conformation and straight-cold-clean legs MINUS a very old splint on his back leg. Absolutely NO vices. Last raced on 6/30 and has not done any work since then. With him being so large he can be a bit pushy but it is absolutely nothing that a small tap on the shoulder or a simple shank with a "no" doesnt correct and it is something that is VERY easily corrected.

Go with the flow attitude and unbothered by the fast paced life of the track. He has been to many different tracks and has traveled all over the country so there is little this guy has not seen or experienced. He is curious and it is a trait that makes him SO LIKEABLE!

Ammy friend and first restart friendly.. overall he is VERY easy to be around.

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Jul 26, 2019

He sold today I'm sorry. I am just now finding time to update my website


Jul 26, 2019

Is nobodydances sober still available? If so I would like to speak to someone about him. I can email questions or speak on the phone. Please let me know.

Thank you,

Beth Ogle

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