• apaulus1987

Moon Dog Spot 5yr old Gelding 15'2/15'3hh

Florence KY


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Moon dog wins our barns moat precious pet. He is a sweet, loveable, cuddly, and curious fella that just aims to please. A happy horse with a good attitude and always kind! Retiring with 12 starts, he just isnt a competitive racehorse that is going to bring in money amd that is what his connections need him to do. He isnt the biggest guy BUT he is thick (fills out a 78 blanket)... I have no reason to believe he wouldnt be a perfect amatuer friendly restart. Great mover and tons of potential!

* i was by myself after just having surgery and couldnt get a lot of video... However I WILL get more and it will be posted when Im able if someone doesnt snatch him up *

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