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Midnight Surfer 6yo HORSE 16'1hh

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Urgent free to good home!!!!!!! I have somewhere he can be boarded until pick up but he has to have a commitment for a home before Oct 26th!!!!




The last time this horse raced was in 2017 and I cannot tell you what he has done in the time off. He is with another connection that has been training him and he is only being retired bc he came up with a bow. For an intact horse on stall rest he is very gentle and very kind. No aggressive behavior that I have witnessed at all and he isnt hard to handle (lip chain as a precaution to being on stall rest) he is a TANK, the photos dont even do justice for how stout he actually is! End of the meet is here and he does need to find a home, this connection doesnt have a plan on where she is going or how many horses she is going to be able to take.

The bow doesnt look absolutely horrible in my personal opinion and does look like something that can be rehabbed with time and go on to another job.

The ONLY reason there is a video is to give an idea of movement, it is a recent injury and he is sore. Legs otherwise are visibly very clean.

Pics and Video

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