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Max 2016 Gelding 16/16'1hh



Burlington KY


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Max is a pretty amazing horse that has made over 500k in his lifetime starts. You'd never know it, as he is the barn teddy bear that stays fat on air and he enjoys his time in the paddock lounging around with his friends. He is an easy horse to work with, has excellent ground manners, and he is SAFE. A horse I trust my kids being around and he never has any kind of funny business. Comes from wonderful connections who didn't want to see him thrown down the racing pipeline until he could not race any more and want to see him thrive In a second career for a very long time. Max has NO vices. Was turned out for awhile and was allowed to be a horse but when he got back to work he was a gentleman undersaddle, doesn't everything asked of him, is soft and supple and an all around easy and straight forward ride that any amateur rider could feel comfortable on. Yes, his toes are chewed up in the pics and they WILL be done before he goes to his new home. We give Max as much turnout as he wants and it unfortunately just comes with it with the layout of our fields. He is barefoot, I do think with a full time job (especially if working outside) he would be comfortable in front shoes, but this is just my opinion.

He is a horse that almost any level of rider would be able to enjoy!

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