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Maui 5yo Gelding 16hh

Burlington KY


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NO other pics or video available!

This horse is going to be the real deal for someone. He is beautiful, he is kind, smart, and so willing. ANYONE should be able to get along with him bc he is so forgiving and non reactive. Lovely movement with tons of uphill suspension... he honestly reminds me of a draft cross BC of how big boned be is and the way he moves and As he continues to fill out he is going to be a tank. NO vices or behavioral issues. Has been owned by an older gentleman who retired fromnthe military and trains racehorses " for fun" .. this horse has spent more time on the farm being a horse and a pet than he has on the racetrack training. He IS RRP Eligible still at this point for 2023.

Clean changes.. they are not auto, you have to ask, but with very little work I am sure they will be auto in no time. Video is the first time he has seen a ground pole or a cross rail and though he doesnt know what jumping is, he was MORE THAN willing to do what was being asked. He is just as honest and kind as they come and someone is going to end up with a susperstar!

Price will increase with training and time, I have ZERO issues keeping him around but I would love to see him find his own person and start his journey.

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