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Marcos Tribute 6yo Gelding 17hh

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Reduced to 1200!!!



You guys, I think I am in love. This guy is cuteeeeeee! So cute! Marco is in my friends care and has raced 27 times with a lower amount of earnings. He's went through his conditions and has likely reached the end as far as being a successful racehorse... BUT... oh do I see this boy doing big thing in a new career. I love his kind/curious eye. He has a puppy dog personality and is easy to handle and a fun horse to be around. Would be considered as a Amateur friendly restart. He does have a very tiny old bow. Recently he hit his leg so an ultrasound was done to make sure there was no other damage. Nothing new was found, just old wear and tear was picked up on the ultrasound. Obviously nothing that's going to require rehab, as it is old. I understand there are people that think horses must be perfect and that is fine but i also understand that there are plenty of people out there like me who love a little bit of the perfectly imperfect and have went far on horses with flaws.

Marco has all the personality youll ever need!

Someone is going to be so lucky, and i wish that someone was me!!

He was not sticked as my friend has no access to a stick so to give myself a bit of a safety net im going to say he is between 16'3/17hh.

**ultrasound pics qill be added to the link when i get them tomorrow**

Pics and video

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