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Manning 2013 Gelding 16'1hh



Burlington KY


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if you're looking for an older war horse he is nothing short of that making over HALF a million dollars in his career.

Coming off the track he was very hot and freak accident he slid off the trail and ended up with road burn on his back leg... we have completely healed it (minus the tiny spot shown in the picture) and it's healing wonderful with no concerns from the vet. It was superficial, only a skin wound. He was a PERFECT patient through the whole process.

While healing we allowed him to have as much turn out as possible just to learn to be a horse again.. he has acclimated to a herd setting and is thriving with farm life.

Just lightly looking for a home at this point, he doesn't have to go anywhere... to be fair to him I do think he would love his own person and getting as much attention and one on one time to build a relationship. We give him as much as we can, but he does have to share time with everyone else in the barn.

This is a KIND and honest horse with a ton of class. He has earned a soft landing with tons of love and treats in future and I want to make sure he gets just that.

Easy keeper, good eater, no vices, no behavioral issues, no soundness issues..and his legs are pretty darn clean minus some very small osselets. You can tell he's taken care of himself all these years.

He just started back undersaddle and ride one proved to be a very straight forward and easy ride. Stood to be mounted from the ground and dismounted. Picks up w/t/c and transitions down right when asked. I can honestly say this horse does anything you ask him to do even if he doesn't know exactly what you're asking.

Does not look around, does not spook. He is about as simple as you can ask for.

Big bodied and suitable for almost any size rider.

Currently in front shoes.

NO other pics or video

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