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Majestic Contender 9yo Gelding 17'2hh

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Burlington KY








I sold Mac approx 2 years ago after racing and then ended up buying him back. This horse is GIANT, you will not find too many horses that size up to him and I dont meam just bc he is tall, he is also massive. Mac has went through a ton of foundation work on the ground from natural horsemanship to pessoa work and free jumping. He has impeccable ground manners and is so sweet and loveable. When he came back to me he got into more undersaddle work and has been a joy to work with. A true "sponge" that just retains any and everything you teach him. Gorgeous movement and as he continues to use himself correctly he continues to blossom. We have focused on flat work mainly but Mac has also jumped 2'3 courses (which he basically steps over) this horse has ZERO refusal in my experience and has tons of potential to move up when the time is right. He has free jumped 3ft without blinking an eye and seems to not care about height one bit. I have come to the realization that I only need to commit myself to one horse and that is my main horse. I am TOO BUSY to attempt to bring along multiple horses and do the business I do along with being a full time mom. I want to be able to enjoy my horse and they to slow down life a little bit rather than rushing through rides to get everything done.

Mac is very soft and supple...He rides in a rubber bit (which he prefers) and can be ridden with or without a martingale, it really doesnt matter. He is the same ride every time. He is not a kick ride but also is not a fire breathing dragon, sits somewhere right in between and I feel comfortable saying a CONFIDENT amateur can finish him thwir way. I did inject his hocks 2 months ago, NOT BC HE NEEDED IT, but bc being 9 and a massive built TB I wanted to make sure he was 100% able to show his potential.

Clean changes and will pretty much do whatever is asked of him. He is a great boy I just do not need to focus on more than one horse at this point in my life. Absolutely no bad habits and no vices. Wears front shoes.

The video posted is what I have available, if more should become available they will also be listed publicly.

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