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Magical Connection 7yo Gelding 16'2hh


$1300 Magic is a solid and sweet guy with a big heart. He is overall pretty easy going and does what he asked to do no matter the weather conditions or what is going on around him. Will mesh well with someone who wants to be his partner and his buddy bc he has so much love to give and is such a people pleaser! He IS a light cribber, he does not wear a collar and I have rarely ever seen him crib. I listed him during the winter his connections decided they wanted to try racing through the summer. He is retiring sound and is currently only wearing front shoes. Absolutely gorgeous natural mover with tons of potential for the show. He has some very small old osselets, they've been there for approx 2 years. He is a horse that will be able to go in any direction bc he is honest and he will give his all to try and please. Dont look over him! Recent pics and video Pics and videos from the winter Video

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