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Look at This 3yo Gelding 15'3hh

Cincinnati OH


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He is a barn favorite, as a matter of fact his groom told me " I would take a paycut to keep this horse and he could be my pet"

He is stout with a large personality, similar to the class clown. Always a happy horse.

Full disclosure, his legs are not the straightest (see photos)

I think he is still plenty capable of having a good job but that job isnt going to be racing.... they do not want to hurt him with how grueling and repetitive training can be. His knees were xrayed and they are clean.

He is extremely hot right now bc he is not doing anything... NO training. He needs some turnout and time to come down and he will come back to his same old self. He is however still easy to handle in a stall. BC of how good he was feeling we couldnt get a good video, we didnt want to hurt him or the handler from slipping on the pavement.

He likes to have a job, always a bit more forward but manageable. For someone that understands horses dont have to have perfect conformation to have successful lives he will be a steal and a very fin time!

His groom would love nothing more than for him to end up with someone willing to give him the occasional update.

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