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Laramie 4yo Filly 15'2hh

Burlington KY


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I sold Laramie off track last summer.. after a few months She came back to me. She was very underweight and had a large (untreated) abscess. We got everything taken care of and have transitioned her to being barefoot and allowing her feet to expand, harden, etc. She's been very comfortable thus far but i do think once in work she will probably prefer front shoes. We have put probably 150 pounds on her, her weight is good but now she just needs a consistent routine to build all her muscle back. Cute filly, really cute! Large movement, tons of potential when she learns to use herself correctly and strengthens her back and butt.. which will come with simple consistent trot work. I left her mane long bc shes one of the few TBs with a thick, solid mane. I do think she has potential as a gaming horse so wanted to leave it for this reason. She's catty, she's athletic, and I think she would enjoy it.... Equally I think she would make a heck of a 3day horse. Either way she's a little more spicy (never any behavioral issues) and needs someone okay with a more forward horse. She is not your first restart... she is not for someone who wants to throw her out in a field and forget about with minimal care.... her feed routine has become pretty basic but she does need the consistency. Wouldnt consider her nervous naturally, just a little spicy. Mild marish behavior but nothing that your dont just roll your eyes at. Overall pretty quiet in her stall, likes turnout, easy to have in the barn.

Has had a few post track rides (under 5)

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