• apaulus1987

Laguna Beach 3yo Gelding 16'1hh

Burlington KY


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Raced ONE time in July and then went to the farm and was turned out. He has been with us for a short period of time beong cleaned up to be transitioned into something other than a racehorse and has been a doll and total joy to be around. Quiet, well mannered,and respectful.. as you can see in the video I trusted my 3 yr old to be in the arena on the stairs while we were filming. He doesnt bother anyone, doesnt create chaos in a herd and has been with both mares and geldings. He really just does his own thing. More than willing to do anything asked of him and not spooky in the slightest. Loads well, trailers well. He is okay being inside while his friends are outside and is quiet in his stall. Hasnt had any post track rides at this time. Currently barefoot, has been for awhile and came in that way. Feet are chipoed from the hard ground but otherwise in good shape.

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