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Kielbasa  6yo Gelding 16hh

Burlington KY



This fun guy last raced 1/25 and came to the farm less than 48 hours ago to hang out. He adjusted well right away, didnt spook at anything, and was an EXTREMELY easy horse to transition. He is a total love and so kind. Loves attention and will willingly accept it all day long! Super easy to work around in the stall, good manners on the ground, and plays well with other horses. He has no vices, retired with very clean legs and he is ready to transition into doing something new. Nice and correct movement that has tons of potential to blossom under saddle! For just racing a few days ago he has very minimal tightness as a racehorse and i fully think he is ready to get restarted right away. He enjoys the attention and think he will tale to a new discipline easy.

We do plan to give him a solid week of turnout and then see what he thinks of doing something new!

Pics and video

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