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Kazs Opal 3yo Filly 16'2hh+

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Reduced to 1600!!!!! Nothing wrong with this huge girl but must go now!!!!!!





Opal is a young GIANT girl. She is as easy going as they come on the ground. Great manners, docile, no spook, kind and so pleasant.... I think all this will transition to undersaddle with the right program and educated rider but she is still VERY GREEN under saddle... I repeat she is very green so if you have not brought along young horses successfully she is not a good fit. She has trained on the farm track but only while mildly aced (which is very common to do in the beginning to make it a good experience) she never made it to the track. She IS a cribber but does NOT crib with a collar.

Her legs look shaved but they are not.. Besides being pin fired, which is visible in the pics her legs are clean ans shes had no soundness issues at all..... She was accidentally blistered by the groom, no ones fault but it happened. The blister is gone.. I again repeat, she was accidentally blistered so please do not ask what is wrong with her legs.. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her legs.

I hate to compare TBs and WBs but she is one horse wigh weight, proper muscle and a good foundation could not only size up to WBs but be mistaken for one.

We have been working on putting weight on her the past few weeks and will get updated pics after the holiday weekend.

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