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Irish Spirit 6yo Gelding 16'2hh+

Burlington KY


*provide zip code for shipping quote*

Irish is a gentle giant with no vices or bad behavior. He loves his turnout more than sitting in a stall but it equally okay with either. Was given the winter off for chips in the ankle and Brought back into training. Racing is just going to be too strenuous for this guy and not a suitable career. Upon x ray we found there is some "junk" floating in the fetlock but nothing in the joint (which is a great news)

Rehab has consisted of DMSO/furazone sweats when stalled and turnout when weather allows. Fairly easy and he is already so much better. A great option for someone that wants a gorgeous big guy and can give him a lighter career opportunity.

A vet reference will be required. You HAVE to have a good relationship with your vet not just see them once for a coggins.

Xrays will be uploaded when theyre emailed over to me, if they arent in the Flickr I dont have them yet.

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