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Hay 2017 HORSE 16'2hh+

Burlington KY


provide zip code for shipping quote

Hay retired last summer with a smaller suspensory injury. He was rehabbed properly (leg looks beautiful and is cold and tight) and he has since been put into work to find his next career. He is still intact and I will home him to someone that is reputable to have a horse intact, otherwise I am happy to geld him for you and do the clean up before sending him off to his new home.

This horse was an amazing patient during his stall rest. He has a great brain, loves people, and will literally do anything for a peppermint. He has a more "woah than go" personality and isn't going to exert more energy than you ask him to, but he does have very large and powerful natural gaits. Rides alone and will ride will other horses absolutely no issue. Good for turnout, but has obviously only been turned out alone due to being intact.

He has no vices. Can be a little bit mouthy, but never mean.. it is your typical mouthy intact male behavior that I am positive will subside with gelding him.

He is just starting to look for his new home and we are by no means pushing him out the door, but it's a good opportunity for someone to get a fancy horse with a good brain that has a lower budget before we put more time and training in.

NO other pics or video.

Please email me at or contact by social media

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