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Gray 2013 Gelding 17'2hh

Updated: Jun 1


Gray Flat

Gray Jump

Gray teaching someone to Jump

Burlington KY


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Gray has been with us a little over a year and a half. He came in initially pretty skinny and needed some tlc. He has had tons of miles on the flat and this horse will jump ANYTHING, he loves to jump.

It is important that he goes with someone that likes/appreciates proper flat work bc he is not as keen on a bunch of flat work, however, if he is on a schedule and being asked to go correctly he is very soft, supple, and aims to please. If you're a person that only wants to jump and doesn't want to put the time in flatting, he is not the horse for you bc he naturally will not hold a solid frame and will be going around the arena hollow if you don't ask anything else.

Has the potential to be incredibly fancy and go so far. Auto changes, he will do tempi changes down the straight away every other stride if asked correctly.

Has been out on small trails, not spooky, and he is a relatively easy keep (if he is getting the proper nutrition)

Shoes on front. NO vices. Teeth recently done. Requires NO maintenance other than routine chiropractor which I do recommend every 4-6 weeks, we have noticed a HUGE difference in his flexibility alone.

Pristine Clean xrays of knees and front/hind fetlocks, also clean stifles.

He has enough potential for a pro but is forgiving enough to allow someone to learn on him with smaller jumps and he will take care of them and get himself into the jumps if they arent counting the strides.

Has been jumped 2'9 with ease, we have mainly focused on the flat simply bc the jump is there no matter the size and we wanted his flat to become consistent and correct.

He is not a horse you can bully, he doesn't want you riding with heavy hands in his mouth. He requires a rider that is soft and rides with their seat if you want him to be a team player.

Could be a 3 ring horse finished out easily.

NO other pics or video

Please email or message by social media, do NOT message the website.

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