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Grandpa Frank 4yo Gelding 16'1hh 



Frank is quite possibly the fanciest horse that's ever been in the barn. On a scale of 1-10 he is by far a 12. Beautifully put together, a loving personality and he wants someone that wants to be his partner rather than his boss. Was a little high strung at the track and just raced 9/10, however he settled down and settled right in at the farm like he has been here his whole life. He has no vices! He does have a bit of atrophy on one side of his butt (please see pics) it could be there for a 100 reasons but has never been diagnosed as anything and he has ran this way. It is probably the only "flaw" you will ever see on him.

He is great to handle, great in the stall, great with turnout and acclimated right away to other horses.

I am so excited for this horses future and can only hope someone shows him off!

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