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Glory Range 7yo Mare 16'2hh

Updated: Apr 13, 2020




At right under 16'2hh.. Glory is one COOL mare. She is about as close to a school horse with no formal training that youre ever going to get. Last raced early summer 2019 and retired just due to lack of being competitive.

Originally she was listed after she wss taken home and turned out (sun bleached, longer mane, feet were a bit chipped up and barefoot) we decided it just did her no justice, so after months living the good pasture life Glory came to the farm and got a little TLC and a total makeover. She's such a beauty and SO EASY to work with and work around. Went ahead and put one ride on her, her FIRST off track ride and she was saintly with everh single thing asked of her! Once she gets going in a program, stsrts bending correctly, muscling up, rounding her back and engaging from behind she is going to be something incredibly special. The best part about her is she is a horse that will suit any level of rider. With few more miles I wiuod even go as far to call her a kids horse, which is something I dont use lightly.

Correct, clean legs, retired sound and has NO vices.

True unicorn!!!

Pics and video

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