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Fort Jennie 3yo Filly 16'2hh+

Burlington KY


*provide zip code for shipping quote*

Jennie is probably the best behaved horse under saddle that I have ever had come through the barn. She is just a doll in so many ways and far matured beyond her years! She comes from great connections who care for their horses right and every single one we have been on it is CLEAR they spent a lot of time breaking them right to set them up for a bright future. Jennie has stellar movement, no doubt shes your next hunter that will shine bright in the ring and with some type I am 100% confident we could be seeing her in some Hunter derbies as well. Great ground manners, sweet as can be and SO unbelieveably quiet and loving..... Manners cross over to undersaddle as well! She has no behavioral issues.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Jennie was a bad stall walker at the track, she stall walked at the farm for about 2 days but has not done it since, she prefers to hang her head out her window these days and take a nice long nap with a hang lip (there will be video) she also LOVES turnout and is so quiet and just carefree when out in the paddock. She is a low totem pole horse and wants NO confrontation with anyone.

Jennie is a true ... This plain bay gal (there is nothing plain about her she is stunning) is going places as long as she ends up in the right hands which is exactly where I intend to put her!

Although Ive never been a mare person, it will be bittersweet to see this one go.

Price is NOT negotiable but will only continue to increase with more rides.

She is 100% amatuer friendly and ready to go!

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