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Fig Jelly 7yo Gelding 16/16'1hh




NO other pics or video.

Fig is a natural gentleman.. he has a ton of class and I don't think it is possible to not fall in love. Great ground manners, polite, and personable. Lovely personality, as he will grab your shirt pocket or anything else he can to get your attention but does not have a mean bone in his body. Does not spook at or care about ANYTHING, he is cool as a cucumber 7 days a week, 24hrs a day. He will be the type of horse anyone can ride and will feel safe on. Still a bit left dominant lead but picks up both leads quick and easy. Trots around collected or at the buckle... good stretch at the walk and continues to improve. Loves to learn and picks up things very quick.. Jumped over his first cross rail tonight with NO hesitation, though he had no idea what it was he was more than willing and trusted what was being asked. No vices and or behavioral issues!

This horse made over 320k racing! He is an amazing animal, and as kind as they come. He deserves the absolute best that life has to offer him in his second career.

Good home is an absolute MUST!

Please message by social media or email DO NOT message the website

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