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Earl 2017 Gelding 16hh

Burlington KY


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Earl only raced 4x and retired back in 2021, he never won a race. Retired to his owners farm as a pet and recently they have decided to retire from horses and I have rehomed all their broodmares, just leaving Earl. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THIS HORSE FINDS A LOVING HOME. That is all they could ever want for him.

Phenomenal trot. Earl is a BIG boy, I had to double check bc he is so thick I thought he was an older stallion... he is just so thick!

Loves attention, he cannot get enough of it. If you could take your entire day, quit your job and just pay attention to Earl, he wouldn't have it any other way... he was utterly offended when we trying to get a free movement video, bc the only thing he wanted to do was come up to us and get attention. Just a sweet, kind horse that has been VERY WELL taken care of and very well loved.

His feet are long, there have been a lot of changes in retiring out of horses and hos feet need done, he is on the schedule to see the farrier tomorrow, so his feet will be good as new and ready to get to work.

They do not want him passed around, they want him to find his person.

The only negative thing about Earl is he likes his feed tub so much, he has decided to crib on it occasionally. He doesn't wear a collar, they don't feel it's necessary but he will not crib through a collar if you choose to put one on.

Great guy! Really!!

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