• apaulus1987

Dude 5yo Gelding 16'1hh

West Chester OH


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Dude earned close to 80k on the track and retired sound. In the beginning he liked this job as a racehorse but as time went on he no longer enjoyed it. He was taken home and turned out last year as his owner has decided not to force him into something he doesnt enjoy. He has a lovely way of going. FULL DISCLOSURE he needs some weight and obviously to be muscled back up... he has done nothing but sit in the field. Has had feet trims and regular vet work. I think wit some TLC he could be very fancy and he seems to be very quiet and willing.

I was not aware when I got there the gentleman helping me had pneumonia, therefore, I was left to so everything on my own and did the best I could. What I have is whats available.

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