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Division Street 2019 COLT 16'3HH

Burlington KY


*provide zip code for shipping estimate*

They truly dont come any prettier or well made than this handsome man. Last raced in the fall before training on the polytrack to see if he had better performance, and he just doesnt want to run. LOW STARTS and retired 100% sound. NO behavioral issues or vices.

Has settled in like a pro at the farm and does not care about the traffic through the aisles with other horses, horses in the arena, or any of the other animals that free roam (he has become friends with my daughters older mini) He does know he is intact, but is very respectful of horses around him. He will NOT be able to be turned out with a gelding like some or be in a pasture where he can nose over to another horse (without being gelded of course)

Overall he is a sweet and well behaved horse. His ground manners are good, sometimes he forgets he is so big and needs to be reminded of personal space, but nothing awful. He is playful, he will grab clothes if you let him, a pitchfork, the lead rope and etc HE IS NOT MEAN AND HE DOES NOT BITE. Truly doesn't have a mean bone in his body.

Movement is in a league of its own naturally.. he is stunning and I cannot imagine how his natural movement will develop with a good foundation.

I truly think this horse has upper level potential, he is going to be the real deal for the right person. We have briefly jumped on him on time when we had a little bit of extra time and he has very natural, calm, clean transitions and was very soft in the mouth, respectful, and carried a natural frame.

Price will increase as we start putting rides on him, if he stays he will also be gelded.

His price is firm, no exceptions... please do not try to negotiate with me. He is for sale, not on sale.

NO other pics or video available.

Please message me by social media or email directly DO NOT message the website.

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