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Dakota Shy 4yo Gelding 16'2hh

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Shelbyville IN $2000

OFFERS BEING CONSIDERED!!!! Shy is a very athletic gelding with a great way of going. He does get s big anxious on the track but has spent a lot of time at the farm too where he settles down and feels more at home. Gets great care, today when I walked in he was receiving his PEMF treatment. Just raced 8/7. Can go in many directions but will be best with someone that prefers a more forward and athletic ride.. I also think he will like having a consistent job. Overall a sweet guy, he does have good manners and never has been known to do anything that bad of out of control. He is naturally just a horse that prefers to be a little more forward. Sweetheart in the stall that anyone can be around! I think once he gets off the track and into another career he is going to be a lot happier.



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