• apaulus1987

Daisy 3yo CH filly 15'2hh

Burlington KY


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Daisy is special.. there is just something incredible special about her. She is all class at a young age and handles herself with poise and perfection. She has a go with the flow attitude, loves people, and is naturally a very happy, sound minded, sane horse. Stepped off the trailer from the track straight into the area with a care and looked at nothing.. didnt even get excited. With the right training I truky believe this little filly can be something VERY special when you combine her mind, movement, conformation, and naturally athletic ability. Only 4 career starts and isnt going to be a racehorse past her maiden race.. the SOLE REASON she is looking for a new career. No behavioral issues or soundness issues! She is young but she is very much and amateur friendly type horse!

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