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Consider 5yo Gelding 16'2hh

Burlington KY


*Provide zip code for shipping estimate*

I always have to have a favorite when my favorite leaves, and this guy quickly became it. He is so kind and personable, really wants to be your buddy and enjoys all the attention and love. His natural movement is out of this world amazing, I cannot even image what he will turn into with some training. NO vices or soundness issues. Working on putting a little bit of weight on him and I think with a few pounds he is going to be absolutely stunning!! He naturally is a larger framed horse and I love how thick the bones in his legs are (it isn't common anymore)

Yes, if you saw the photos he does have ONE eye....NO, it does not effect him or his performance in any way. He could care less if you walk up on the blind side, lunge him on it, crack a lunge whip, or etc. My vet actually joked that he is so confident the way he is she would 100% think he could see if the eye ball was still there. If you view this as a limitation, he just isnt the horse for you.

I adore how stoic and brave he is... it is so easy to see he has so much heart and with his special person I have NO doubt he will do great things!!

NO other pics or video.

Please contact me by social media or email DO NOT message the website.

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