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Conrad in Charge 3yo Gelding 16'2hh

Burlington KY


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Conrad is the whole package.. He is a youngster with low starts, a great brain, and a good heart. Sweet as they come with manners to match! Just a tick under 16'2 (and will finish well above) youre seeing Conrad walk right off the trailer from the track into my arena where he had never been. Not much bothers the pretty boy and he wasnt really in a hurry to run around out of control. He took in all the sights and just went with the flow. He was welcomed by my potbelly right off the trailer which equally went just as well. No vices and retiring sound! Tons of potential but its clear to see his knees are still open so if youre a person wanting to rush training along he may not be the right for you. He has the potential to be something special if brought along slow and correct!

He raced through the appropriate races where he was competitive and just isnt competitive enough to race against tougher horses.

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