• apaulus1987

Conquest Stormy 8yo Gelding 16'2hh+

Shelbyville IN


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Made close to 130k on the track, retired completely sound with connections, and has went on to try being a pony horse. He had 90 days with a professional reining trainer and knows all the basics of working off your leg, neck reining, side pass, backing, etc. Has had many off track miles trailer riding as well. Off the track he is a horse anyone can ride, but on the track you can tell he has thoroughly loved his job bc he is on the muscle wanting to compete sith these young racehorses not be their pony. This horse is HUGE.... and when i say huge in mean easily will take up more leg than any 17hh horse Ive seen. Big boned, correct, and just a beast. He has been ridden pretty hard through training to be a pony and could use a 100 pounds but I wouldnt consider him as ribby as some pics show. No vices or behavioral issues, he is NOT RRP eligible due to the training he has had. Giant nice feet and has been barefoot, sound and comfortable.

Would be a phenomenal hunt horse!

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