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Colman Joseph 4yo Intact 15'2hh




Though Colman is a plain brown wrapper he is arguably one of the quiestest and sweetest guys i have ever had in the barn. There is NOTHING "colt" like about this horse. He is quiet ebough to be a kids horse with probably 30 days of riding and that is NOT something i say lightly. He has impeccable manners, quiet, not spooky, and gets along with everything and everyone. He goes out with geldings and is treat like one of the Geldings, he is also in an open stall where he can see both horses and nose them on either side. Colman is just a stand up guy and one of those rare horses that feels safe at all times no matter if he is turned out every day or he has been in a stall for 2 weeks. No soundness issues and no vices. Just got new shoes on. He does have a vreak in his race record and it is NOT due to soundness. His owners chose to take him home and turn him out during the summer meet. For those not familiar with Zayat Racing they have a ton of horses and the facilities and means to take horses home and send other in.

When Colman gets a good foundation and starts using himself correctly he is going to be precious and he is a horse that will never say no.

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