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Clock 2018 Gelding 16'3/17hh



Burlington KY


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This horse is truly going to be special. He has EVERYTHING naturally that will make him a great competition sport horse, he just needs the further training to put all the pieces together.

He is kind, calm, and collected on the ground. Really just a giant teddy bear that doesn't have a mean bone in his body.

Stands to be mounted/dismounted. He is really coming along as far as listening to your leg and your seat.. transitions are almost immediate when asked. Canters better outside but unfortunately with all the mud we had to use the area and with the tight turns at each end he doesn't have a ton of balance yet and it makes him a bit nervous but he will pick both leads up with ease. Not a spooky horse at all! This is one of the larger boned horses I have rehomed, just massive in every single way. Very large movement, huge canter and I cannot wait to see his extended trot when he gets there in his training bc it's going to be jaw dropping.

Acquired the world's smallest Boe back in 2022 and was given a year off and brought back to training at the end of 2023... unfortunately he is just not going to make it as a competitive racehorse and if you rode him one time you would 1000% understand why.

RRP Eligible. No vices or bad habits.

He truly is a special horse that can go in ANY direction and is going to have an exciting future ahead of him!

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