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Claude 6yo Gelding 16'1hh+



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When you look at Claude you see a plain brown wrapper... which for a lot of people (huge mistake) just keep scrolling. What you should stop to take the time to know is he is an exceptionally sweet horse. He is the steady eddy type that is going to make you feel safe, he is confident, easy going, and walks around with out a care in the world with tons a patience (especially for a racehorse in chilly fall weather) His legs are clean and his natural movement is beautiful... so yes, Claude is a "plain brown wrapper" but equally he is a complete DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH. I am genuinely excited to be updated on what this horse will go on and do bc I think with a little weight, some tlc, and some great foundation work he will end up being a thick and gorgeous gentleman with head turning gaits! If you're buying for color, he probably isnt at the top of your list...but If your buying a horse to enjoy the ride in Hope's that you end up with a finished superstar he may just be right up your alley!

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