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Charlie 7yo Gelding 17'3hh

Burlington KY


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Charlie is one of the biggest TBs in have ever seen. I want to say he is 18hh but bc there are so few true 18hh horses I prefer to stick safe with 17'3. Great personality, sweet, and easy going. Charlie can MOVE.. and his stride is huge! Sustained a crack in his sesamoid in 2020 where he was fully rehabbed and put back in training ... where against he maintained complete soundness. Was retired ultimately bc bringing a 7yr old back to a full race career is just hard to do when youre up against younger horses. PLEASE view the x rays in the ad, they are there. After speaking with 2 surgeons and a vet Charlie is cleared for all flat work and low level jumping (low level being 3ft and under) You are welcome to share with your vet, they may have another opinion. My professional opinions consist of professionals who saw the initial injury, the rehab, and the work load he held after the rehab so I am confident in their opinion.

Overall an easy keeper. Loves to have a job and is a very quick learner. Throughly enjoys flat work. He can be pushy on yhe ground but It is more he doesnt understand how big he is rather that being blantantly rude. Goes out with other horses or alone.. he does not care. Not Vices, No behavioral issues. Good in his stall, stands well to groom and tack. He is an all around very cool horse and when his flat work comes together 100% he will surely be a show stopper. Has not started any jumping, but is going over poles and has been very willing and eager to learn.

Do not recommend for someone uneducated that just wants a big horse. Charlie doesnt have a mean bone in his body but I could quickly see his size and very large movement intimidating someone that isnt confident in what theyre doing.

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